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RGPV Class Notes

we provide authentic and verified class notes based on latest RGPV syllabus and update rugularly.

RGPV Solved Question papers

We have huge library of previous year RGPV question papers with solved and verified answers.

RGPV Scheme & Syllabus

Latest updated RGPV syllabus, schemes and blueprints from the university for all kind of courses.

RGPV Books & Guides

We have collection of almost every important and recommended books as pdf from the RGPV University.

RGPV important links

We have consolidated all the important links for the RGPV university at single place.

Labs & Practical Material

Organized Labs manual with guided instructions for each and every practival

Minor & Major Projects

Collection of verity of minor and major project ideas and pre-built projects.


We have almost every Important and required accessories for the study.

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